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Speed Painting Performance

I’m also a speed painting performer, i’ve performed portraits on the stage for some pretty big clients for the past 10 years. My performances usually end within 4-8 minutes, most of them were painted upside down.

meet the clients.jpg




Prime Minister's Wedding Anniversary

This is Tun. Mahathir and his wife during their wedding anniversary back in year 2014. 

Watch the performance HERE.

Chief Minister of Sabah, Malaysia

Upside down speed painting of Chief Minister Sabah Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal at KK resort city launch,  4 mins, collab with celebrity violinist Dennis Lau.

sabah minister.jpeg
ceo plus.jpeg

Former and new chairman of Plus

Performed these portraits of two great men from PLUS Malaysia Bhd, upside down in less than 5mins each, back in July, 2019.
- Former chairman Tan Sri Dato’ Mohd Sheriff Mohd Kassim AND
- New chairman Dato’ Mohamad Nasir Ab. Latif

YB Hannah Yeoh

Painted this as a gift from the organiser to YB Hannah Yeoh at FMC (Federation of Motor and Credit Companies Association) annual dinner, performed this together with violinist Helga, back in December 2018.

jasmine raj.jpeg

Datin Sri Dato' Jasmine Raj 50th birthday

Cheers to being 50, and fabulous!

Painted Dato Jasmine Raj at her 50th birthday party,  4mins, upside down.

Sunsuria City Grand Launch Concert

Did the opening for Sunsuria City grand launch fest with Dennis Lau and painted Albert Einstein in 4mins.

Watch the video HERE.

master szeto2.jpeg

Master Szeto's 70th birthday

Master Szeto's 70th birthday celebration in Malaysia back in 2018.

Dennis Lau 'The Phoenix Rising' Concert  

Performed on a 8 feet x 8 feet canvas together with Haze Long at Dennis Lau 'The Phoenix Rising' concert, 2016.

Watch it HERE.

phoenix rising.jpeg

Founders of Herballife

Paintings of two late founders, Mark Hughes and Jim Rohn. Watch video HERE.

Late great man,
Mr. Raymond Chew.

Had the privilege to speed-paint late Mr Raymond Chew and shared the stage together with his beautiful wife and 4 lovely daughters to celebrate the legacy that he left behind.

raymond chew.jpg
MIA boss.jpeg

Director of MIA Group

One of the many performances we did for MIA group.

Upside down in 4mins.

Four Fingers chain opening in Singapore

Four fingers chain opening in Junction 8 mall, Singapore.

"Fiery rooster" in 3.5mins, upside down, collab with beatboxer Nathaniel.

four fingers.jpeg
indian wedding.jpeg


Couple portraits often performed at weddings, this is one of them in Bollywood theme- a wedding of two great doctors, Dr Pravin and his newly wedded wife.

Wedding Anniversary

Hired by the host to paint her parents this as a surprise gift at their wedding anniversary.

wedding anniversary.jpeg
event launch.jpeg


Collab with @faradolhadi (a million dreams) and @dennisviolin for MIGF, 2020.

Worship painting in church

Painting at worship sessions is probably one of my most favourite things to do from time to time. 


Church Event

Church event can go as big as a concert and go on a stadium stage.

Commercial Shoot

I have to do most of the performances on the screen now ever since pandemic started and please find my youtube channel HERE.


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